Why One Year Olds Are My Favorite



Hey guys! I know it’s been quite some time since my first blog post, but as I said, this was going to be another big year! We recently sold our very first home (the home we brought all three babies home to) and relocated to St. Augustine, FL. Although we only moved about 25 minutes from our last house, moving with the littles has certainly been an adventure! As soon as we moved in we began unboxing our things and attempting to make this new place feel like home before we left for our Tennessee/Georgia vacation in the beginning of August. Of course… unpacking your things and finding a place for them in a new space can be quite the task when you’ve got three adorable minions running wild and being kids! Needless to say, we’re still working on getting situated.

The first day after we got back from vacation, our oldest started her very first day of VPK and made a brand new friend in the neighborhood, our son started taking Taekwon-do, and our little one decided that it was time to bring out a whole new level of sass. Woah! Can we say “SURPRISE!”? How on Earth did I expect for everything to go so smoothly and still manage to run my business without any sort of struggle? I guess that’s just what us moms do! We set those expectations super high and then we do everything in our power to make it all happen and crush those goals… but realistically we know that things almost never go according to plan. Haha, I know, kinda like this post right?

So why are one year olds my absolute FAVORITE subjects to photograph? Well, I can give you one really good reason… They’re stinking’ cute!

I recently had someone ask me why I enjoy photographing this age so much more than others; after all “they’re so difficult at that age” aren’t they? Well, to be honest, that’s what I love so much about one year old babies… they’re completely and 100% unpredictable! Almost anything I try to get a sweet expression out of them is reciprocated with a fresh new look I’ve never seen before.  Some babies make me laugh, some make me swoon… not gonna lie, some make me wanna look in a mirror and figure out what is making them look at me that way, haha! But really, they keep things fresh and interesting!

I love the one year milestone so much because (hopefully) by this time I’ve been able to see these babies grow from a newborn, to a crawler, to a sitter, and then sometimes I get to see them take some of their very first steps right there at our session! My heart floods with so many emotions as I’m capturing these moments and memories for my clients; and it makes everything I’ve set my career around that much more rewarding!

The image above was actually captured during an extended family session at St. Augustine Beach.  This sweet girl was not at all about smiling for the camera, but when I told her she could sit on my little wooden crate, she took full advantage and did so with no issue at all… No problem lady, I’ll sit on your crate – with my back to you. Oh you adorable little thing, those curls are everything I wanted to capture!


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